Our Board


James Teira

James is the Senior Pastor at Kampala Community Church and Founder of Light Africa Ministry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a major in marketing and attained his pastoral training in youth ministry at Glad Tidings Bible College in Uganda. Through prayer and circumstances, the Lord showed Him that He wanted him in the ministry working with children and the youth. God has revealed to him that the only way to change a nation is by influencing the younger generation the right way. He is married to Lilian Teira and they have four daughters (Lovejoy, Melody, Elizabeth, and Danielle ) and so many other children God has entrusted them with.

Lilian Teira

She is married to Pastor James Teira, and she is a co-laborer in this ministry. She is the Amani choir director and a pastor at Kampala Community Church. She is passionate about children and works with them to see to it that they become better citizens. She emphasizes that they should grow into the depth of knowing God, and teaches them how to serve God with all their heart. She desires that they acquire a holistic transformation and that they are better people who then give back to the community.

Henry Muguluma

Henry is a Christian leader, speaker, and writer, living in Kampala, Uganda. He is a graduate of Makerere University, Uganda Management Institute, and Lancaster Bible College. Currently, he serves as the Director of Leadership Development at Africa Renewal Ministries in Kampala (Uganda). His books include: 5 Things Every Young Person Should Know, Believe in your Dream, and Unshakable Hope.

Henry is passionate about modeling Christ-likeness, motivating people, mentoring leaders, and multiplying disciples.


Larry Shisser

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