Vocational Skills

The Summary:

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% under the age of 30, representing significant development potential. But however, this has not been tapped in effectively and it is attributed to so many factors: Slow economic growth and small formal labor markets, high population growth rate, lack of sufficient experience and skills, lack of decent work, the rigid education system, rural-urban migration, limited social networks

As Light Africa Ministries, we are doing our best to equip our young people through formal education but then we realize that we can do more to equip them for their future.


We are crafting out a Vocational program which will not only equip our students and community with skills, but gives them an opportunity to create their own jobs and depends on how aggressive someone is- they can make a fortune out of it.

Our Program mainly focuses:
  • Tailoring
  • Brick  Making
  • Baking
  • Hair Dressing
  • Welding.