Water Wells


It feels so good to run the water and have that cold shower after a long day of work, but that is not the case here in most parts of Uganda.

According to the Water and Environment sector performance report (FY 2015/16), in 2014/15 water access in Uganda stood at 65%. During the same year, however, the equity index was reported at 162 persons per water source. Put differently, this means that even though on average two-thirds of Ugandans had access to water, access to improved water sources varied greatly from sub-county to sub-county by an average of 162 persons per water source.

The Busoga sub-region receives the third-lowest total water and environment release per capita, yet it accounts for the fifth-lowest equity index in the country.

Our Focus

As Light Africa, we felt the need of working with Kamuli District in this sub-region so as to alleviate the need. Currently, we have built 4 water wells and these serve over 200 people. At the end of 2020, we made a valley dam and this has improved access to water in the community and made lives better.

You can contribute to making a well. Each well Cost $10K